Previously Completed Projects

Low Voltage circuit for Direct Conversion Transceiver
Ultra Lower Power and High Quality Signal Generation using Nanoscale Devcies
Ultra Low Power High Data Rate Wireless Communication Link
Radiation-Tolerant SiGe BiCMOS Smart MMICs for Space Communication
Programmable Power Management System for Battery-less Wireless Sensor
Ka Band Beamforming Receiver
The research objective of this project is to investigate highly linear beamforming receiver for phased array communication systems operating at Ka-bands (35GHz), which cover the operating frequency ranges of direct-to-earth and deep space communications. The beamforming receiver is designed with high gain and sensitivity and consumes relatively low power.

Wireless Sensor Network for Food Quality Control

The research objective of this project is to design wireless sensor motes for food quality control. The sensor motes will be capable of monitoring temperature, humidity, and shock impact conditions during food transportation and storage. The accumulated information can be transmitted throughout a wireless network under Zigbee protocol. In addition, RFID technology will be integrated into the motes to allow data transfer by RFID readers.

Design of 8-Channel Ku-band Rx and Tx Beam Formers

The research objective of this project is to develop high performance 8-channel Ku-band receive (10-13 GHz) and transmit (12.5-14.7 GHz) beam formers. The receive beam former has eight inputs, dual outputs with digitally controlled amplitudes and phases to RF steered beam outputs. The transmit beam former has eight outputs, dual inputs, driving eight element arrays with digitally controlled amplitudes and phases. MMICs, such as Low Noise Amplifier, Variable Gain amplifier, Power Amplifier and etc., can be easily employed in other transmitting or receiving communication systems.